India & Russia sign $3 billion nuclear submarine deal


India & Russia sign $3 billion nuclear submarine deal

रूस से भारत को मिलेगी परमाणु पनडुब्‍बी



India is set to sign a $3-billion deal with Russia this week to lease another nuclear attack submarine that will be customised and fitted with indigenous communications systems and sensors.

The deal for the Akula class submarine — dubbed Chakra III after the first two similar vessels India obtained from Russia.

It will be the biggest signed with Moscow since the $5.5-billion contract for the S-400 air defence system was finalised last year.

Sources told ET that the intergovernmental agreement for the submarine lease is likely to be inked on March 7 and that the vessel will be ready by 2025

After an extensive building programme on mothballed hulls at a Russian shipyard.

The Chakra III will be in service for at least 10 years and will replace the Chakra II that was obtained under similar conditions in 2012.

It is believed that the lease of the Chakra II, which is to expire in 2022, could be extended for a five year period till the new vessel gets built and tested.

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