What is the best news app in India?

Posted by Arvind Suryavanshi

What is the best news app in India?

Why the Need for an Indian News App?

People often ask me, "Arvind, why do you care about keeping in touch with news from India when you're living all the way in Sydney, Australia?" Well, let me tell you, simply because I reside in the Down Under, doesn't mean my heart and mind are disconnected from the happenings back home. I firmly believe keeping yourself updated with the news from your motherland is as critical as being aware of what’s happening in your current city of residence. It's like being a part of two worlds at the same time, and for me, that's one of life's greatest experiences.

Though I must confess, there's another intriguing reason - my wife Rohini. If you have a spouse who's as keen a news enthusiast as mine is, trust me, you'll find yourself subscribing to the best news apps in no time (unless you want to be caught off guard during dinner-table discussions).

Unforeseen Benefits of a News App

Now, I wasn't always a fan of these new-age digital tools. A traditionalist at heart, the good old newspaper was my to-go source of information for the longest time. But boy, did these news apps change the game for me! Can you imagine the kind of versatility they bring to the table?

They’re not only compact and convenient, but they offer a customization feature that caters to our specific interests. With a quick click, news from around the world can be accessed at any time, right from the commodity prices affecting my local grocer in Sydney to political manoeuvres in Delhi. And Rohini, bless her heart, loves not worrying about the pages of her favourite section being torn or misplaced!

Great Indian News Apps: A Diverse Landscape

News apps in India come in all shapes and sizes, each attempting to carve its own niche in an increasingly competitive market. From uplifting stories about social innovation to heart-rending accounts of human struggle, the range of content covered by these apps is simply staggeringly.

They have story tellers who weave magic with their words, turning the most trivial news into an intriguing read. This kind of storytelling is the reason why mobile news consumption has also become a form of leisure, breaking from its traditional image of a chore one does to stay informed.

The Cream of the Crop: Top Indian News Apps

Now, several online newshounds deserve the title of the 'Best News App in India,' each for their unique offerings and innovative features. Going beyond the mainstream, they present complex news stories in a digestible and interactive format.

Whether it's keeping you in the loop about policy changes that affect your work as an NRI or reporting about a new trendy cafe that just opened in your hometown - these apps make sure you're not left in the dark.

Customization: The Future of News Consumption

Today, the world is moving towards a more personalized, curated consumption of news. Customization is the king! Having personally used such apps, I can vouch for the depth and richness they add to my daily news consumption experience.

And the best part? It's not limited to news headlines. They let you dive into opinion pieces, humour columns and even crossword puzzles - all tailored to your preference.

The Power of User Experience in News Apps

Wouldn't it be great if all news apps could be as smooth as butter and no-glitch guaranteeing as your favourite online game? Now, it may seem like a wishful thought, but some Indian news apps have indeed lived up to this expectation.

From easy navigation to rapid loading speed and an intuitive user interface, the best Indian news apps have greatly simplified the user experience, making news-reading an exercise you’d actually look forward to!

A Word of Caution: Fake News and Information Overload

Now, as with all good things, there's a flip side too. I've fallen prey to fake news a few times, mostly innocuous ones, like that time when I excitedly announced to Rohini over breakfast about the Giant panda no longer being an endangered species, only to realize later on it was a hoax.

The problem of information overload is another downside - being updated is one thing, but being bombarded is another. News has to be filtered and consumed with a discerning mind. It's essential to choose a news app that ensures credibility and lets you have control over what content populates your screen.

So, here's to the pursuit of news with these fantastic Indian apps, keeping me connected with my roots and in tune with my surroundings - making me part of two worlds; I'd say that's a pretty good deal! And more so if it ensures keeping up with my better half!

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