How to crack CSE Interview By Roman Saini
Perfect Strategy and Plan to secure high marks in UPSC CSE/IAS interview This course by Roman Saini has all the necessary ingredients to secure high marks in the interview. It starts with the discussion on the Importance of interview/personality test, Basics of Interview and explanation of notification. It then goes on to cover some general tips to get more marks in the interview, preparation on the interview day and conduct inside the room. It ends with a discussion on some good and bad practices in the interview room.

topic- UPSC Syllabus UPSC IAS Preparation

Tips to crack any interview (UPSC CSE/IAS, Banking exams)

After clearing the written stage of the examination, aspirants have often found it difficult to clear the interview stage. Roman hands you a list of practical tips you can utilise for clearing the interviews of any competitive examination.

How to answer most common questions in UPSC CSE/IAS Interview

CSE Mains are done away with. It is time for the selected few candidates to worry about the dreaded UPSC CSE Interview. In this lesson, Roman has covered the 10 most common questions asked in the UPSC CSE interview and how to answer them. A must-watch for all aspirants, not just the ones appearing for the interview.

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कंप्यूटर द्वारा प्रोड्यूस किया गया परिमाण है
वैदिक संस्कृति
वैदिक काल प्रश्न उत्तर
मुगल काल
इनपुट का आउटपुट में रुपान्तरण किया जाता है
सारे वर्ड डॉक्यूमेंट का डिफाल्ट फाइल एक्सटेंशन क्या है
सल्तनत काल के प्रश्न



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