Battle of Chausa and Kannauj

Battle of Chausa and Kannauj

Battles of Chausa and Kannauj Part 1, Humayun vs Sher Shah Suri, Battle Series 19

Battle of Chausa (1539)

The Battle (war) of Chausa (June 26, 1539) took place between Mughal Emperor Humayun and Sher Shah Suri (Sher Khan). Humayun was defeated in Chausa War by Sher Shah Suri.

Humayun divided his army into two parts and ordered Askari to take charge of the first division and proceed ahead.

The second division under his personal command marched a few miles behind.

At Munger the two divisions joined, and here, contrary to the advice of his seasoned officers, Humayun crossed the Ganga to its southern bank and took the old Grand Trunk Road towards Agra. This was a great mistake.

Though Humayun now had the advantage of a better road, the southern route, which lay through South Bihar, was thoroughly under Sheer Shah’s control.

The vigilant Afghan scouts regularly communicated to their master the movements of the Mughals army. It was the blunder on the part of Humayun which enabled Sher Shah to decide upon an open contest with him.

The emperor, however, could not keep to the Grand Trunk Road and near Bihiya he was obliged to cross the Ganga back to its northern bank.

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