Battle of Pavan Khind

Battle of Pavan Khind, Shivaji vs Mughal & Adil Shahi forces

An ambitious plan was hatched by Shivaji to escape to the fort of Vishalgadh, which was administered by a Maratha chieftain named Range Narayan Orpe, who was under allegiance to the Adilshahis, but who had come to a clandestine arrangement to switch sides and join Shivaji at an opportune moment.

There was also a Moghul garrison stationed at Vishalgadh which Shivaji would have to defeat. Shivaji waited for months, planning and depleting the Adilshah’s food source. He waited until he knew they needed to gather more food, and then started his plan.

Shivaji, Baji Prabhu and around 600 of their best troops, hardened mountaineers of the Maval region, would dash through the Adilshahi force at night.

A man named Shiva Kashid, who resembled Shivaji in appearance, had volunteered to dress like the king and get captured.

It was envisaged that this would buy some additional time, before Siddi Masud realised the error and gave chase.

Shivaji made his escape on the dark night of July 13, with the small contingent of troops. Baji Prabhu was second in command of the contingent.

Baji Prabhu would have perhaps won no place in history and ended his life in relative obscurity if Shivaji and his party had managed a good lead towards their destination. But the Adilshahis gave hot and rapid pursuit, with an army of 10,000.

It was clear that there was no way to shake of the enemy, and that the Marathas would not simultaneously prevail over both the Moghul garrison at Vishagadh and the chasing Adilshahi army.

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